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While carrying out a transaction, my card got stuck in the ATM. What should I do?

You should immediately contact the Issuing Bank and report what happened. Call +238 2626310.

I tried to withdraw an amount that was debited, but was not dispensed by the ATM. What should I do?

After confirmation of the non-availability of the cash, an automatic reversal of the amount will occur; if that does not happen, you should submit a complaint to the Bank that issued the card with which you performed the transaction, along with the receipt.

I made a withdrawal of an amount that was debited, but the terminal did not give me the full amount in question. What should I do?

In case the dispensed cash is different from the amount requested, the customer must submit a complaint to the Bank that issued the card, along with the transaction slip. If you do not have the slip, you must identify the location, date and time (approximate) of the transaction in question.

What happens if I forget to collect the money (banknotes) corresponding to the withdrawal that I just made?

When the customer does not take out the notes in the allotted time, the ATM collects them for security reasons. The amount of the withdrawal can be returned to the debited account, but the customer must inform the Bank that issued the card.

I made a withdrawal, but the terminal did not provide the receipt; How can I get a proof of this transaction?

In this case, you can get a 2nd copy of the receipt from the "Other Transactions" menu.

I purchased airtime for my mobile phone, but while the amount was debited, the credit was not transferred to the card; what entity should I go to in order to resolve my situation?

You should confirm the debit to the bank account, making sure that it was not canceled later. If the charge is confirmed, you should contact the mobile operator with the receipt confirming the transaction you made.


If your card gets stuck in an ATM, inform your bank of the location, date and time of the occurrence immediately.

In case of loss and theft of a card, notify your bank immediately. After-hours, please call +238 2626310 directly or the toll free number 8002424.

When entering the secret code, make sure that you do it safely and confidentially, ensuring that no one can see it. Under no circumstances provide your secret code or your card to anyone.


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