Online Payments

Make or receive payments online! Merchants or service entities have the possibility of breaking geographical barriers and making their products and services available to national and international customers in Cape Verde and in the diaspora, in Santo Antão or in Japan. Holders of Vinti4 cards, Visa and MasterCard issued by banks that are part of the Vinti4 network can make purchases and services payments on national and international websites conveniently and safely.

In an increasingly global world, there are countless advantages of selling and buying online, namely:

  • Innovation, using state-of-the-art technology, adding services for both merchants and buyers;
  • Expansion of the customer base and international products;
  • Security ensured by the Vinti4 network through rigorous industry certifications;
  • Ease of payment with secure standard automatic transfers and authorizations;
  • Reduced costs for both customers and merchants;
  • Comfort, by accepting payments for products sold without having to go to other places to do it;
  • Speed, one of the main features of the Vinti4 network;

Additional services are always under development to enhance joining, security, and ease of online transactions. For merchants and service entities, the process is facilitated with the full support of our team - learn more at the merchant portal.



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Transaction Fees
Fess for transactions with Vinti4 cards ............................................. .. 0.70%

Fess for transactions with VISA and MasterCard ........................ 2.5%

Notes: The Transaction Fee is applied on the amount of each transaction and paid at the time of the transaction. The above-mentioned prices are subject to VAT at the rate in force